Member subscription runs for 12 months from date of registration and is automatically renewed each year at the prevailing rate. Fees for the forthcoming year are as shown below.   

Subscription fees for 2023/2024 are listed below:

Adult - €180
Family - €320 (children under 18 only)
Senior (>65 years) - €150
Country - €150 (must be a member of another tennis club >60km from Athlone)
Junior (4-17 years) - 1 child €80; 2 children €150; 3 children €200
Student : €120 (>18 years in full time education)
3 Year Adult - €500
3 Year Family - €900
3 Year Senior - €420 
Additionally (to help fund our further development of a Dome with 3 indoor courts) there is a court booking fee of €4 per hour - divided by the number of players, and for juniors, an off-peak rate of €2 per hour. There is a 50% reduction on these rates up to 1/3/2024. The use of floodlights is free to members.

For NEW members: click the link below, use the 'New User Sign Up' button to enrol as a member and when you have received an email response with your user name, you can use the 'Sign In' button to book a court. Note: When registering, please enter details of all ADDITIONAL persons using the 'Add Group Member' button.

click here and select ‘New User Sign Up’ (Full Booking System)


Rules for Court Booking. 

  1. A court must be pre-booked by a member before play commences. Members cannot 'turn up' and play – the court must be booked in advance.
  2. A member must have credit in their eBooking account to book a court. Credit can be added to a members account once signed in.
  3. A court may be booked up to 7 days before playing.
  4. Members may book two consecutive hours at a time only.
  5. Members are limited to four future bookings at a time only.
  6. The member name (senior or junior) used to make the booking must be the person who plays.
  7. Junior members may book a court during non-peak hours at a reduced rate.
  8. A booking should be made only when the intention to play is confirmed.
  9. ‘No shows’ at the time booked may result in blocked access to the booking system for the member.
  10. Any cancellation of booking should be made as early as possible with due consideration for other members. Refunds will be applied to cancellations but if a booking is cancelled within 24 hours of playing time this refund will not apply unless the time slot is re-booked by another member.
  11. For Club Nights (Men's, Women's, Mixed), members must sign in and book their place in advance. Members cannot 'turn up' on the night.
  12. Use of floodlights is free of charge. Please turn off lights if last to leave.
  13. There is no fee for use of the three childrens courts.
  14. For insurance reasons, non-members are not allowed on court at any time. Members must not play with non-members unless booked in as a guest.
  15. Rates for Court Booking are as agreed by the ATC committee and communicated to members via the usual channels.
  16. Any infringement of these procedures may lead to a booking being cancelled by the booking administrator without notice.


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