Summer Leagues 2020 - Groups

      All Matches to be completed by 15th August.  
  Men             Women  
 Group 1      Group 5        Group 1    
  Des Windsor-McGlynn Andres Leal     Lisa Brennan
  Harry O'Rourke         Anna Walsh
  George Bodor   Benny Magennis     Orla Kinahan
  Rob Kearney   John Hannon     Rose Costello
  Richard Frank   Conall O'Brien     Julie Costello
  David Manser   Branislav Kris     Stephane Kenny
        Jesus Areso    Group 2    
 Group 2      Group 6         Paula Dowling
  Cathal Kenny   Brian Menton     Michelle Culligan
  John Galvin   Sean Reidy     Joan Conway
  Dave Costello   Eamon Maher     Sine MacFarlane
  Jimmy Raleigh   George Jebaraj     Eugeniya Yurchenko
  Martin O'Rourke   Prince Paulson        
  Sai Palada   Varun Rao    Group 3    
        Samir Ouzougagh     Mary O'Neil
 Group 3        Joe  Dalby      Mary Jo O'Farrell
  Marek Rose           Melanie Whyte
  John Cooney           Anne Dooley
  Pat Conway           Deborah Mc Keown
  Kieron McCarthy              
  Conor Jones          Group 4    
  John Bray             Louise Costello
  Olly McGrath           Noreen Reidy
 Group 4               Yvonne Walsh
  Jerome Schuwey           Amie Maher
  Peter Agbanobi           Martina Hardiman
  Samuel Agbanobi           Loretto Lee
  Kieron McNally          Group 5    
  Kevin Nolan           Lola Palos
  Sean Nolan           Natasha Shine
  Eoghan Raleigh           Sinead Reidy
                Corona Grennan
Rules:               Maree Brennan
All Matches are best of three sets. If agreed by both players, then
The third set may be a 'match tie-break' (First to 10 pts, win by 2).
 * No walkovers allowed. Any issues - contact relevant captain.
The Pyramids will be revised based on the league positions  
on a two up, two down basis.          

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