Club Championship draw 2018

Club Championship 2018

All players are asked to arrange matches with opponents as soon as possible. Only three weeks available this year so we need to start promptly. Matches can be arranged straight away. Club nights on Monday and Tuesday coming should result in most early rounds completed. It is up to the members to ensure that the competition runs smoothly. Thank you and Good Luck!

Note: There will be a Plate competition in all events (except Dave Costello cup). All who lose their first match will go into the Plate - so everyone is assured of at least two matches in each competition entered.

Men’s singles:

Tim Clarke v John Bray                                                   

Peter Agbonobi v Richard Frank                             

Sean Rafferty v Jimmy Raleigh                                                

David Manser v Kieran McCarthy                                      

George Bodor v Harry O'Rourke                                

Pawel Michalski v Marek Rose                                          

Rob Kearney v Martin O'Rourke                                         

Des Windsor-McGlynn v Jeremy Clarke

John Galvin v John Cooney

Michael Flynn v Cathal Kenny

Men’s Doubles:

Kieran McCarthy/Martin O'Rourke v George Bodor/Rob Kearney

Jimmy Raleigh/Des Windsor-McGlynn v John Cooney/Jeremy Clarke

Peter Agbonobi/Tim Clarke v Richard Frank/David Manser

Marek Rose/Pawel Michalski v Cathal Kenny/Sean Rafferty

Mixed Doubles:

Peter Agbonobi/Michelle Culligan v Jeremy Clarke/Mary Jo O’Farrell     winner v John Cooney/Lisa Brennan

George Bodor/Deborah McKeown v Marek Rose/Paula Dowling

Pawel Michalski/Deirdre Cox v Cathal Kenny/Laura Hunt

Richard Frank/Orla Gavin v Des Windsor-McGlynn/Mary O'Neill

Ladies’ Singles:

Oonagh Collins v Deborah McKeown

Julie Costello v Roisin Casey

Michelle Culligan v Lisa Brennan

Stephane Kenny v Laura Hunt                                                              winner v Paula Dowling

Mary O'Neill v Orla Gavin

Sine McFarlane v Jacinta Digby

Ladies’ Doubles:

Paula Dowling/Deborah McKeown v Stephane Kenny/Sine McFarlane

Carmel Hayes/Ann O'Sullivan v Lisa Brennan/Oonagh Collins

Mary O'Neill/Michelle Culligan v Lisa Kelly/Jacinta Digby

Mary Jo O'Farrell/Joan Conway v Orla Gavin/Deirdre Cox

Ida Smith:

Mary Tormey v Carmel Hayes

Lisa Kelly v Sawmya Halappa

Louise Costello v Laura O’Cluaid

Rosemary Thorpe v Brigid Flynn

Dave Costello:

Deepak Karanth v Rahul Chhabra

Saurav Mehta v Prateek Jain

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