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Christmas Hampers Competition

This mixed doubles competition was played last Sunday 18th with a very large number of eager competitors vying for honours in the final tournament of 2016. Chief organiser Martin O’ Rourke did a splendid job in organising the partnerships and as teams of competitors left the four courts others were ready to take their place. After continuous play for over two hours the scores were totted up.

In the first semi-final George Bodor and Gertie O’ Rourke overcame Paula Dowling and Cristi Tibuh. The winners of the second semi-final were Jacinta Digby and John Cooney who overcame the Michele Culligan Marek Rose combination. Jacinta and John have the bragging rights for the final tournament of the year.

Before the presentation of prizes and indeed before the completion of the tournament itself there was much merriment as Rose Costello belted out some tunes on her accordion. As she played “Shoe the Donkey” Mary O Neill and Mary Jo O’ Farrell did their own “Strictly Come Dancing” exercises to the amusement of all. 
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Season’s Greetings

Wishing all our members the best for the festive season, have a great time as it’s back to tennis very early in the new year.

Men’s Doubles Competition

It is planned to organise and run a men’s doubles winter competition starting Monday 2nd January and continuing every Monday until the start of the spring leagues in Mid-February. A large number of men compete every Monday and this league will add a more competitive edge to their weekly endeavours.

Teams will be arranged from the players who turn up on any given Monday and individual points will be awarded for attendance and for how many games won each night. Accumulation of points will determine the winners towards the end of February.

Club Nights

Club nights continue every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7.30 until 9.30. Men compete every Monday, the ladies play on Tuesdays with mixed doubles competitions on Thursdays.

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