News: News 18-04-2016


Annual Loughrea Challenge

Our annual challenge against Loughrea was held on Sunday 17th April and for the sixth year the weather was very favourable for tennis. This annual event is always enjoyable with many players from both clubs having developed very familiar and cordial relationships over the years. Athlone team members always enjoy their trip to scenic Loughrea Tennis Club close to the lake.

In the ladies doubles Anna Walsh/Jacinta and Mary O’ Neill/Rose Costello were winners and the total scores after the five ladies doubles matches was 24 to 16 for team Athlone.

In the men’s doubles George Bodor/Dave Costello and P J O’ Reilly/Christi Tibuh were also victorious, the total scores for the men’s doubles matches was 23 to 17 for Athlone.

The ten mixed doubles matches ended all square at 40-40. Winners for Athlone were Anne Dooley /George Bodor, and Rose Costello/Kieran Mc Carthy

As already stated this is the sixth of our annual competitions with Loughrea Tennis Club members and the score stands at 3-3. Many of the members from both clubs will meet again in the more competitive midland leagues.

Spring Leagues

Jeremy Clarke is on course to top the premier division with two notable wins during the past week. Maeve Bass was victorious in division 2. All matches have to be played by May 19th.

Social Tennis

Paul Paulides was back on the tennis circuit last Monday night, at two and four score years he is still very light of foot and plays with style and panache. What a tennis hero to admire! Juilio Loner and John Cooney competed exceptionally well together and were a winning duo at 9.30.

The largest number of ladies for 2016 were on the courts last Tuesday and among the exceptional players were Joan Conway and Anna Walsh who were on top of their game as usual.

Jacinta Digby and Arek Trzebski were very competitive during Thursday night’s doubles matches both playing exceptionally well and producing many winners.

Social tennis continues on three nights of every week and potential players wishing to have a go at playing the game are most welcome to come along, play commences at 7.30. Men compete every Monday, the ladies play every Tuesday while mixed doubles competitions are held every Thursday.


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