News: News 24-01-2022


Club nights

While the tennis world is focussed on the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open, activity is increasing at Athlone Tennis Club. There was a good turnout at men’s night on Monday last. Rob Kearney (the tennis Player, not the rugby player!), Des Windsor-McGlynn (men’s captain), Dave Costello, Marek Rose, Michael Bleahene,  and Kieran McCarthy were among the participants with James Groarke making a very impressive debut. There were many close contests on the night with the pick of the matches pitting Kieran and Des against Dave and Marek. The match was decided on a tiebreaker when Kieran and Des sneaked home by the narrowest of margins. Other close matches saw James and Des prevail against Kieran and Michael and Rob and James had a close match with Dave and Marek.
Club nights continue on Monday (men’s night), Wednesday (ladies’ night) and Thursday (mixed doubles night). Play begins at 7.30 each night, so grab your racket and come on down to the club for a night of fun.



Coaching continues for juniors on Saturdays from 10-2. Please contact coach Clem Higginbotham (086 402 2490) for information and to book a place.


Tennis coaching tip

As spring approaches and the tennis season gets into full swing (pun intended!) each week I will give a simple tip that can truly help any level of play. These tips are simple and can be easily applied. This week’s tip is early stroke preparation. You cannot prepare early enough. Most players wait until the ball bounces before getting their racket back to play a shot which results in a very hurried swing. Turn your hips and shoulders and take your racket back before the oncoming ball bounces on your side. You may have to experiment to determine the exact timing of your backswing, but it will be worth it. 

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