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Zoom Meeting for All Members

All members are earnestly invited to join our zoom meeting today Monday at 8.30pm. Plans for the future development of our tennis courts at the Regional Sports Centre will be outlined to all. You can join the meeting by clicking on the link on our WhatsApp which has already been sent.

Juniors V Seniors

 The first novelty tennis competition between our junior and adult members took place in ideal conditions last Sunday. This interesting event, was the brain child of club chairperson, Lisa Brennan. A representative group of eighteen junior members from under 10 to under 18 took on the challenge and played against a similar representative number of senior members.

 There were nine doubles matches in total, the seniors winning five and the juniors winning the other four. The overall score was seniors 64 points, juniors 55 points.

Many parents and adult members enjoyed excellent, competitive tennis matches. The results indicate that the junior players were no push over, in fact many are looking forward to a similar encounter next year but with a different result.  

 Lisa Brennan was the instigator of this junior/senior event, not only did Lisa organise and coach the junior competitors and cajole senior members to participate, she also bought and presented a perpetual trophy for the occasion.

 Many parents of the junior players helped out to make the day special, there was an ample supply of all sorts of edibles. Deirdre Quilty organised black embroidered t shirts for the juniors while the seniors wore white. One parent wrote on WhatsApp, “It was a fantastic day, well organised and good fun”, credit and thanks to everyone involved.

Junior Team Members

Cesar and Andres Leal, Sachin Sandaresan, Hannah Allisson, Abhinav and Aditya Bhyrryu, Sneha and Neeharika Chhipa, Niamh Mc Carroll, Hugh O’ Connor, Caoimhe and Gearoid Mc Carthy, Conal Thorpe, Clare Reidy, Lucy Brett, Jack and David O’ Shea, Donal Mc Donall,

Senior Team Members

Clare Brett, Brian Menton, Grace Watts, Padraig O’ Connor, Noreen Reidy, Barry O’ Shea, Raja Varma, Andres Leal, Maree Brennan, Natasha Shine, Jacinta Digby, Sundar Balasubramanian, Julie, Rose and Dave Costello, Paula Dowling, Mary Jo O’ Farrell, John Cooney

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Senior Singles Leagues

Lola Fernandez Palos and Julie Costello are the leading players in Group 1 of the ladies league. Group 2 winners last week were Maree Brennan, Natasha Shine and Anne Dooley.  Noreen Reidy, Rosemary Thorpe tasted victory in Group 3 but Madhu Bhyrraju will probable top this group. Group 4 winners were Clare Brett, Mary Parker and Sharon Carty. Maria Moulton leads Group 5.

Sean Raftery and Harry O’ Rourke have wins in Group 1. Group 2 leading player is Kieran Mc Carthy while Dave Costello leads Group 3. Darragh Elliott, Sundar Balasubramanian and Rag Bhyraju are the leading players in Group 4. Robbie Ryan, Barry O’ Shea, Sean O’ Mara and Seamus Maguire were winners in Group 5 last week. The competitions will be run off by September 11th followed by the club championships.

Mondays: Men’s Summer Doubles League

 The men’s summer doubles league concluded last Monday. Marek Rose was the overall winner on thirty points, Sai Palada was second with 29 points, Dave Costello was third with a score of 27. Kieran Mc Carthy and John O’ Connell collected the four points last Monday. Rob Kearney and Puneet Nayyer were awarded three points each. Marek Rose and Sundar Balasubramanian gained two points. Dave Costello, Darragh Elliott, Ronan Flanagan, Sai Palada, Barry O’ Shea, Raja Varma and Jan Groenendijk were also in the points.

Wednesday: Ladies Night

 Niamh Daly Ryan, Loretto Lee, Anne Dooley, Paula Dowling, Lisa Brennan, Evgeniya Yurchenko, Rose and Julie Costello, Lola Fernandez Palos, Mary Jo O’ Farrell had an enjoyable doubles session last Wednesday evening.

Thursday’s Mixed Doubles

 Aoife Cadden, Rose Costello, Evgeniya Yurchenko, Jacinta Digby, partnered Declan Finn, Benn Cutbertt, Barry O’ Shea and Michael Doheny in the mixed doubles friendly matches last Thursday.

 Best at Sunday’s mixed doubles matches were Lola Fernandez Palos/Dave Costello, Rose Costello/Marek Rose and Aoife Cadden/Sai Palada.

New Members

 New members are welcome to join our club now at a special discount. Please visit our website,, for further information and read what our tennis club has to offer you. Please email for further information.   


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