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Senior Club Championships

 The draws for the senior club championships, have been organised, as per the usual agreed rules, by the tournaments committee. The competitions will be played during September with finals day the 26th or 27th depending on the weather conditions. All first round defeated players will be entered in plate competitions. Events are the best of three sets but the third set may be a champion’s tie break, first to reach ten but must win by two.

Men may organise championship matches, every Monday night, the ladies may do the same every Wednesday night and mixed doubles matches may be organised during Thursday and Sunday mixed doubles booked times, preferably doubles matches during these times. Participating players are earnestly requested to organise and play their first round matches by this weekend.

Men’s Singles Draw

Jimmy Raleigh v Benny Maginess, winner v Harry O’ Rourke, Ollie Mc Grath v Richard Frank, winner v Kieran Mc Carthy, Eamon Maher v Cathal Kenny, winner v Des Windsor Mc Glynn, George Bodor v John Bray, winner v Kieran Mc Nally, John Hannon v Peter Agbanobi, winner v Martin O’ Rourke, John Galvin v Conor Jones, winner v Rob Kearney, Dave Costello v Sai Palada, winner v Marek Rose, Joe Butler v David Manser, winner v Sean Raftery

Ladies’ Singles Draw

 Lisa Brennan v Lola Fernandez Palos, Cora Keenan v Rose Costello, Sinead Reidy v Stephane Kenny, Amie Maher v Mary O’ Neill, winner v Anna Walsh

Ida Smith Cup Draw

Hilary Flynn v Marie Brennan, winner v Noirin Reidy, Louise Costello v Amy Maher, winner v Audrey Harney Nolan, Yvonne Walsh v Loretto Lee, winner v Natasha Shine, Martina Hardiman v Cara Keenan

Dave Costello Cup Draw

 Joe Reidy v Jarlath Nolan, winner v Benny Maginess, George Jebaraj v Gonzala Caterino, winner v Sean Nolan, Joe Dalby v Eamon Maher, winner v Isaac Del Saz Palos, Kevin Nolan v Sean Reidy, winner v Joe Butler

Men’s Doubles Draw

 Peter Agbanobi/Cathal Kenny v Dave Costello/Conor Jones, winner v Harry O’ Rourke/Kiran Mc Nally, Sai Palada/Joe Dalby v Richard Frank/John Hannon, winner v John Galvin/John Cooney, David Manser/Sean Nolan v Kieran Mc Carthy/Jimmy Raleigh, winner v Des Windsor Mc Glynn/George Teberaj, Marek Rose/Ollie Mc Grath v Rob Kearney/John Bray

Ladies’ Doubles Draw

 Oonagh Collins/Stephane Kenny v Yvonne Walsh/Mary O’ Neill, winner v Lisa Brennan/Mary Jo O’ Farrell, Anna Walsh/Sine Mcfarlane v Carmel Hayes/Martina Hardiman, winner v Julie Costello/Audrey Harney Nolan, Lola Fernandez Palos/Cara Keenan v Eugeniya Yurchenko/Noirin Reidy, Anne Dooley/Rose Costello v Ann O’ Sullivan/Sinead Reidy, winner v Jacinta Digby/Loretto Lee

Mixed Doubles Draw

 Mary O’ Neill/Kieran Mc Carthy v Sine Mcfarlane/Marek Rose, Oonagh Collins/Cathal Kenny v Jacinta Digby/Gonzalo Catarino, Lola Fernandez Palos/John Bray v Evgeniya Yurchenko/Michael Doheny, Anne Dooley/George Teberaj v Mary Jo O’ Farrell/Joe Butler, Loretto Lee/Sai Palada v Julie Costello/Isaac Sal Daz Palos, Sinead Reidy/Dave Costello v Noirin Reidy/Richard Frank, Rose Costello/John Cooney v Martina Hardiman/Peter Agbanobi, Stephanie Kenny/Rob Kearney v Yvonne Walsh/Sean Reidy.

Men’s Summer Doubles League

 John Galvin and Kieran Mc Nally were the winning partnership last Monday collecting four points each. The three point achievers were Sean Raftery & John O’ Connell and John Cooney & Marek Rose. The other duos were awarded two points each, Ken Phelan & Isaac Saz Del Palos, Dave Costello & Sai Palada, and Rob Kearney & Benny Maginess. This league concludes Monday 31st and the leading players are Marek Rose, John O’ Connell and Dave Costello.

Covid 19 Recommendations

 All members are urged to bring their own hand sanitizer, however the club has installed a hand sanitise dispenser near the club house door. Members are requested to enter the clubhouse only for signing up on the club championship forms and in an emergency.


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