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Weekly Club Competitions

 Online booking can now be done through our website. Members are reminded that the rules for court bookings are under the heading “Membership.” Club nights are every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, for men, ladies and mixed doubles competitions respectively. Every Sunday morning, from 11 to 1pm, is a mixed doubles competition also. Senior members are most welcome to come and participate in the club’s organised activities during the above times.

Senior Summer Singles Leagues

 Lisa Brennan, Anna Walsh and Julie Costello were winners in Group 1 of the ladies singles summer league during the past week. Loretto Lee and Yvonne Walsh also tasted victory in their group. David Manser, Group 1, Martin O’ Rourke and John Galvin were winners in Groups 2 of the men’s league. Two happy players will be promoted from each group with the winners of the group 1 in each league reaching the top of their respective pyramids. All matches to be completed by 15th August withno walk overs allowed.

Ladies’ Singles Summer League

Group 1: Lisa Brennan, Anna Walsh, Orla Kinahan, Rose Costello, Julie Costello, Stephanie Kenny,

Group 2: Paula Dowling, Michele Culligan, Joan Conway, Sine Mcfarlane, Evgeniya Yurchanko

Group 3: Mary O’ Neill, Mary Jo O’ Farrell, Melanie Whyte, Anne Dooley, Deborah Mc Keown

Group 4: Louise Costello, Noreen Reidy, Yvonne Walsh, Amie Maher, Martina Hardiman, Loretta Lee

Group 5: Lola Palos Fernandez, Natasha Shine, Sinead Reidy, Corona Grennan, Marie Brennan

Men’s Singles Summer League

Group 1: Des Windsor Mc Glynn, Harry O’Rourke, George Bodor, Rob Kearney, Richard Frank, David Manser

Group 2: Cathal Kenny, John Galvin, Dave Costello, Jimmy Raleigh, Martin O’ Rourke, Sai Palada

Group 3: Marek Rose, John Cooney, Pat Conway, Kieran Mc Carthy, Conor Jones, John Bray, Olly Mc Grath

Group 4: Jerome Schuwey, Peter Agbanobi, Samuel Agbanobi, Kieran Mc Nally, Sean Nolan, Kevin Nolan, Eoghan Raleigh

Group 5: Andres Leal, Darragh Broady, Benny Magennis, John Hannon, Conall O’ Brien, Branislav Kris, Jesus Areso

Group 6: Brian Menton, Sean Reidy, Eamon Maher, George Jebaraj, Prince Paulson, Varun Rao, Samir Quzougagh, Joe Dalby

Men’s Summer Doubles League

 Viking George Bodor, came a raiding last Monday and went home for the second week in a row with the spoils, John O Connell partnered him to collect four points each. John Bray and Marek Rose were runners up and both gained 3 points. Jimmy Raleigh and Barry Seal both earned 2 points. Rob Kearney & John Hannon, Dave Costello & Benny Magennis, Kieran Mc Carthy & Joe Dalby also added a point to their totals. Draw for partners in next Monday’s competition is at 7.30.

Wednesday’s Ladies Competition

 Eight ladies enjoyed an excellent work out on the courts last Wednesday.  Anna Walsh partnered Lola Fernandez Palos while Jacinta Digby combined with Noirin Reidy in the competition.  Rose Costello & Natasha Shine and Evgeniya Yurchenko & Mary O’ Neill completed the line-up. It was 9.30 before they had completed their round robin series of matches. Draw for partners is at 7.30, all lady members welcome to participate in the action.

Thursday’s Mixed Doubles Competition

 Eight couples competed last Thursday evening for two hours in two groups of four. The winners after a round robin series of matches on courts 1 and 2 were Mary Jo O’ Farrell and Viking George Bodor while the winning duo from courts 3 and 4 were Marek Rose and J. Dalby, the former duo were outright winners in the final. The second placed from each group were Lola Fernandez Palos & Kieran Mc Carthy and Jacinta Digby & John O’ Connell. The other partnerships were Mary O’ Neill/Dave Costello, Rose Costello/Barry Seal, Anne Dooley/Pat Conway and Evgeniya Yurchenko/Isaac Del Saz Palos. All eight couples had completed their series of matches and played in a decisive final match by 9.30.

 Covid 19 Recommendations

 All members are urged to bring their own hand sanitizer, however the club will provide some where necessary. The use of the clubhouse is only to be used to access the toilets, one person in the clubhouse at any one time please.

Summer Camps

 We are planning to organise summer camps later, towards the end of July and in August, details will be posted here and on face book as soon as possible.

Sunday’s Mixed Doubles

 Sine Macfarlane and Dave Costello, Lola Fernandez Palos and Barry Seal, Rose Costello and Pat Conway, Evygeniya Yurchenko and Isaac Del Saz Palos were the four competitive couples in last Sunday morning’s mixed doubles. Sunday’s competition starts at eleven every week and all members are welcome to join in the fun games and matches.

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