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Senior Summer Singles Leagues

 The Tournament Committee has arranged the ladies’ and men’s singles summer leagues, based on members existing places on the pyramids.  A record number of members, have entered both leagues and it will be very interesting to observe how a number of our new members compete. No doubt there will be a few surprises. Two happy players will be promoted from each group with the winners of the group 1 in each league reaching the pinnacle of their respective pyramids. All matches to be completed by 15th August with no walk overs allowed.

Ladies’ Singles Summer League

Group 1: Lisa Brennan, Anna Walsh, Orla Kinahan, Rose Costello, Julie Costello, Stephanie Kenny,

Group 2: Paula Dowling, Michele Culligan, Joan Conway, Sine Mcfarlane, Evgeniya Yurchanko

Group 3: Mary O’ Neill, Mary Jo O’ Farrell, Melanie Whyte, Anne Dooley, Deborah Mc Keown

Group 4: Louise Costello, Noreen Reidy, Yvonne Walsh, Amie Maher, Martina Hardiman, Loretta Lee

Group 5: Lola Palos Fernandez, Natasha Shine, Sinead Reidy, Corona Grennan, Marie Brennan

Men’s Singles Summer League

Group 1: Des Windsor Mc Glynn, Harry O’Rourke, George Bodor, Rob Kearney, Richard Frank, David Manser

Group 2: Cathal Kenny, John Galvin, Dave Costello, Jimmy Raleigh, Martin O’ Rourke, Sai Palada

Group 3: Marek Rose, John Cooney, Pat Conway, Kieran Mc Carthy, Conor Jones, John Bray, Olly Mc Grath

Group 4: Jerome Schuwey, Peter Agbanobi, Samuel Agbanobi, Kieran Mc Nally, Sean Nolan, Kevin Nolan, Eoghan Raleigh

Group 5: Andres Leal, Darragh Broady, benny Magennis, John Hannon, Conall O’ Brien, Branislav Kris, Jesus Areso

Group 6: Brian Menton, Sean Reidy, Eamon Maher, George Jebaraj, Prince Paulson, Varun Rao, Samir Quzougagh

Men’s Summer Doubles League

 Rob Kearney partnered John O’Connell to collect four points each, in our first doubles competition the first doubles event, since the Covid 19 shut down. In second place collecting three points were Dave Costello and Marek Rose. George Bodor and John Bray were third placed while duos John Cooney & Kieran Mc Carthy and Jimmy Raleigh & Sai Palada were also awarded points. Draw for partners in next Monday’s competition is at 7.30.

Wednesday’s Ladies Competition

  Eight ladies turned up for social tennis last Wednesday, the first since early March, however our Irish weather curtailed their action and enjoyment. No doubt Anna Walsh, Mary O’ Neill, Noreen Reidy, Deborah Mc Keown, Roisin Casey, Anne Dooley, Lola Palos Fernandez and Mary Jo O’ Farrell will have many more favourable nights during the summer.

Thursday’s Mixed Doubles Competition

 It was all action on the four courts last Thursday with exciting mixed doubles matches. There were outstanding displays from couples Mary O’ Neill & Isaac Del Saz Palos, Rose Costello & Sai Palada and Mary Jo O’ Farrell & Kieran Mc Carthy. Seán and Noreen Reidy enjoyed their first Thursday outing also.

Covid 19 Recommendations

 All members are urged to bring their own hand sanitizer, however the club will provide some where necessary. The use of the clubhouse is only to be used to access the toilets, one person in the clubhouse at any one time please.

Summer Camps

 We are planning to organise summer camps later, towards the end of July and in August, details will be posted here and on face book as soon as possible.

Web Site

 Online booking will be available to all members soon, through our website and will replace the existing booking sheet. Password and rules will be posted when all is set up. Interested potential members can see details about club membership and make the necessary payment by filling in the bank details.

Athlone Tennis Club History 1885-1970

 Little is known about Athlone Tennis Club from its founding in 1885 to 1970, this report relies on The History of Irish Tennis by Tom Higgins, Volume 3, pages 1477 and 1478.

Athlone Lawn Tennis & Cricket Club

 In 1886 the club ran a week long tournament with the finals on Friday, Mrs Strucks won all the ladies prizes, there is no record of the men winners. The band from the Berkshire regiment, based in the local barracks, entertained the players and spectators on finals day. It is safe to speculate that the club was fairly exclusive.

In 1888 the club held its annual general meeting in the Prince of Wales Hotel. The subscriptions for the coming year were to remain the same for ladies, gentlemen and families. A business house in the town was to be considered a family.

In 1889 the club played a match against Tullamore LTC, the result ended 4-4, Athlone were deemed to have won the tie as they won 11 sets to 10. The names of any of the players from either side are not recorded.

The 1889 season began on the 5th May with a tournament. The band of the Buffs, a military regiment, played at intervals during the tournament. The 1894 year commenced on the 12th May, with tea server in the handsome and commodious pavilion.

Members of the club travelled to compete against Mullingar TC, founded in 1892, for a challenge match. The last date referenced for the 19th century is an 1898 tournament, at which fifty entries were recorded. The gate entry for a day was one shilling or two and six pence for the weekly ticket.

It is presumed that the club’s courts was located at Garden Vale Terrace, off Gleeson Street, near St Mary’s Church since the foundation of the club.  The club changed its name to Garden Vale LTC sometime in the 20th century, no dates or recorded facts are known about the later name.

St Mary’s Church of Ireland LTC

Just before 1950 St Mary’s Church of Ireland Lawn Tennis Club was founded. Again little is known about this club, was it just a change of name or did the previous named club cease to exist. It is presumed that the same location was used by all the above named clubs at Garden Vale, which was probably private owned property. Clem Higginbotham’s Dad, who was based in Athlone in 1950, won the men’s singles competition that year.

Photographic Material

There are only two photographs in our possession from that period. The latest is Clem Higginbotham’s Dad being rewarded after winning the men’s singles competition. The oldest photograph was taken in 1903 and depicts a group of 21 ladies and 21 gentlemen with only one child. All the ladies are dressed in the typical long dresses of the era, topped with the finest headgear. Fifteen of the men have head gear of some kind, none are dressed in shorts. The tennis rackets look almost modern.











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