News: News 09-03-2020


Men’s Spring Doubles League

 Sai Palada and Jesus Areso Ruiz were the exceptional competitors last Monday both combining to earn four points each. John Galvin and Dave Costello were a very close second while Jimmy Raleigh and Vincent Hall were in third place. Marek Rose and George Tebarak were also point winners both being awarded the minimum. Men’s captain Des Windsor Mc Glynn will be organising the competition this week, after his sojourn in Colombia.

Wednesday’s Ladies’ Night

 Evgenyia Yurchenko, Rose Costello and Lola Palos Fernandez enjoyed two hours of action on the courts last Wednesday against the other members present.

Thursday’s Mixed Doubles

 In the mixed doubles competition John Galvin and Rose Costello were the overall winners. The runners up were Sai Palada and Lola Palos Fernandez, in third place were Shadi Kalash and Evgenyia Yurchenko.

Sunday’s Doubles Competition

 Varun Roa and Marek Rose pipped George Tebarak and Pat Conway in the men’s doubles in Sunday morning’s session, Rose and Dave Costello were the mixed doubles winners.

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