News: News 27-01-2020


Men’s Winter Doubles League

 Dave Costello and Vincent Hall were the winners of the penultimate men’s winter doubles league competitive event last Monday, gaining four points each. Joint second were John Galvin & Vijyant Singh and Martin O’ Rourke & Cathal Kenny. Gaining two points were duos Rob Kearney & Sai Palada and Marek Rose & Jimmy Raleigh. Des Windsor Mc Glynn and Isaac Del Saz Palos both collected the minimum each. Dave leads the competition with eighteen points followed by Rob and Des with sixteen points each. Marek Rose has fifteen points to his name. Over the winter months seventeen members participated in our league. Our men’s doubles spring league will commence Monday 10th February and a greater number will surely be active during the brighter Monday evenings.

Ladies Wednesday Night

 Ann O’ Sullivan and Mary Jo O’ Farrell enjoyed an excellent night’s tennis against Evgenyia Yurchenko and Rose Costello last Wednesday.

Thursday’s Mixed Doubles

 Mixed doubles duos Deborah Mc Keown and Isaac Del Saz Palos as were Mary O’ Neill and John Cooney the leading partnerships in our mixed doubles event last week. Combinations Lola Palos Fernendaz & Dave Costello, Marek Rose & Evgenyia Yurchenko, Rose Costello & Sai Palada and Mary Jo O’ Farrell & John Cooney also enjoyed the friendly competitive tennis work out.

Sunday’s Doubles

 Sunday’s mixed doubles competitive couple Rose Costello and Isaac Del Saz Palos narrowly overcame Lola Palos Fernandez and Pat Conway. Vincent Hall and Marek Rose had the upper hand against Sai Palada and Dave Costello in the men’s doubles event.

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